Cobook + FullContact

When we founded Cobook almost three years ago, we had one mission - Make contact management actually enjoyable. We think we’ve done a pretty good job of that, and the millions of you who have downloaded and used our apps have made it possible. As we’ve grown, we’ve wanted to take on bigger challenges, and today we’re proud to announce that Cobook is joining the FullContact team in order to expand the platform and solve even bigger problems.

What does it mean for you? In the immediate future, you won’t notice any changes. The Cobook applications will remain the same as we work on integrating with FullContact’s wealth of features. We love our customers, and we are always looking for the ways that we can improve your experience.

Sometimes in business, like in life, things just make sense. The values of both of our companies align, and joining them together helps us to expand Cobook to users outside of Apple. We will be able to bring you even more features, and your contacts will have more information than they ever had before.

We’re really excited about what we’ll be able to do as part of the FullContact team. We’re also sure that there will be a lot of questions, and you can bet that we are here and ready to answer them for you. Just send us an email. We have a special address, just for these questions -

Thank you to all of you who have made Cobook a success. We can’t wait to show you what’s next.

— Kaspars Dancis
Founder, Cobook

What’s New in Cobook 3 for Mac

Today Cobook is almost two years old and is being used by more than 800,000 people on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

With Cobook 3 we are taking the Mac version to the next level. We have spent more than 6000 hours on making it simpler to use, more integrated and more powerful.


Cobook 3 will no longer automatically make destructive changes to your address book contacts. The old behavior was too complex and sometimes led to undesired results. Instead, Cobook will now simply import all contacts into Cobook and link together matching profiles from various sources and show each of them in a separate tab.

Tip: Use Cmd+Up and Cmd+Down shortcuts to quickly switch between contact tabs.

It’s easy to limit which contacts are shown in the list and searched - simply click ☰ and select desired source such as iCloud.


One of the biggest limitations of Cobook 1 was that it worked with a single address book account only. In the new version this is no longer the case - Cobook will let you manage all address book accounts that are configured in Apple’s Contacts app.

Tip: You can also use Cobook for managing one or more Google Contacts accounts. However those need to be connected via Cobook’s Preferences > Services due to limitations in how Apple has integrated Google services.


Cobook 3 introduces Instagram, Foursquare and AngelList integrations, available as paid features. We have also reworked the Google Contacts integration which now supports multiple accounts and is available for free.

Finally, the LinkedIn integration is now available to everyone as an in-app purchase. In earlier versions this was included as an unofficial feature. The problem is that LinkedIn constrains 3rd party apps with tight usage quotas. In order to support it reliably we have to limit the number of users which is why it’s now a separate paid feature.

Note: In-app purchases for Mac are separate from iPhone and iPad.


Now you can simply pick a contact, choose which details you want to share and Cobook will generate a pretty email with their contact information, picture, and a vCard for easy importing.

Note: Contact sharing currently works with Apple’s Mail app and Sparrow.

Get Cobook 3 for Mac today, it’s free.

Cobook for iPad

Cobook 3

Today we are introducing Cobook 3.0 with a fresh minimalistic design and bunch of new features.

Cobook is the contact management app that brings together contact info from the address book and social networks and makes contact management enjoyable.


It’s all about clarity and function. No silly details. Made with a lot of love for your enjoyment.


Finally. One of the top requested features ever. Sort contacts by name, date added, updated or last contacted.


Wondering how hipster your contacts are? Or where they hang around? Now you you can with the new Foursquare and Instagram profiles in Cobook.


Many of you have asked us - why is Cobook free? It’s a reasonable concern. Some say - if you don’t pay for the product, you are “the product”.

We don’t want you to be “the product”. Today we are introducing Cobook Store, available via the iPhone app that lets you add extra functionality to Cobook.

Ready? Get the app or check out Cobook in action.

Update: Cobook 1.1.1 brings support for Google Maps

Now Cobook can open addresses directly in the new Google Maps native iPhone app. The update includes a few more useful improvements:

  • Phone number formatting can now be switched on/off via settings
  • Cobook can now properly dial phone extensions
  • Improved handling of blank lines in notes
  • Timezone improvements for Canada, Australia and China

Also stay tuned for some really awesome new things coming to Cobook very soon!

Cobook for iPhone 1.1.1 is available in the App Store today.

Feedback Friday: What’s up with LinkedIn integration?

Today we are starting a new series of blog posts discussing the most frequently asked questions and feature suggestions.

LinkedIn is a superb resource for professional info and supporting it has always been one of our top priorities. LinkedIn provides an open API so it was easy to build the integration. Cobook for Mac had LinkedIn support since the first beta and the first iPhone version included it too.

However we soon realized there was a problem - the API has low quotas and as the Cobook user base grew, the integration became less and less reliable. With the launch of the iPhone version it quickly became completely useless.

The bad news is that we had to remove LinkedIn from Cobook’s core functionality and we don’t have a good estimate at the moment for when and if it’s coming back. The good news is that we are in touch with LinkedIn and perhaps will soon convince them that having LinkedIn contacts in Cobook would be awesome for everyone.

You can help us as well, by telling LinkedIn how much you miss having their service integrated in Cobook.

A Little Secret

Although LinkedIn is currently not enabled in Cobook by default, it’s still available as an experimental feature. Of course we can’t guarantee that it will work all the time but feel free to try it.

On Mac, hold the Alt key and click on Cobook’s action icon (the little gear icon on top), then select “Enable Experimental Features”.

On iPhone, open Cobook’s Settings and simply shake your phone.

Update: Cobook for iPhone, now with multiple account support

Today Cobook for iPhone gets several great improvements including the much requested support for multiple address book accounts, quick contact actions and phone number formatting.

Multiple Address Book Accounts

You can now use Cobook to manage all your iPhone contacts from iCloud, Exchange, Google Contacts and other sources. There’s no need to configure anything in Cobook, the additional accounts are picked up automatically.

Cobook attempts to automatically link contacts from different sources and puts them in separate contact tabs, similarly to Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Quick Contact Actions

You can already use the Dialer tab to quickly call someone. Now we’re making it even easier. Tapping a contact picture will now call the contact right away. Alternatively you can hold the tap for a moment to see additional details.

On top of that, contacts in the main list can now be swiped left to reveal quick actions.

Phone Number Formatting

Phone numbers are now automatically formatted for better readability. Cobook figures out the phone region and formats the number accordingly.

Cobook for iPhone 1.1 is available in the App Store today.

Cobook is selected by Apple as one of the Best Apps of 2012

It’s a good time to throw out your iPhone and Mac default Contacts app. Cobook replaces it and makes your address book better in every way. Automatic contact pictures, tweets and other information from social networks, contact tagging, beautiful design and much more. And it’s FREE.

Get it today for iPhone and Mac.

Cobook 1.1.6 is out now.

Localized phone, email and address labels 
Google Contacts synchronization improvements 
Facebook synchronization improvements 
Bugfix - in some cases Twitter disconnected without reason

Cobook 1.1.6 is out now.

  • Localized phone, email and address labels
  • Google Contacts synchronization improvements
  • Facebook synchronization improvements
  • Bugfix - in some cases Twitter disconnected without reason